Parents' Academy

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We believe that all talent management work begins in the family, the primary environment for the upbringing and socialization of children. In order to answer the important questions and to raise awareness and develop a supportive parenting attitude, we have launched a series of events where participants can listen to presentations on the parents’ role in talent management.

The Parents' Academy series, like our education programmes, is free of charge in our regional centres and all interested parents are welcome. The programme takes place on two levels: we provide exclusive lectures for parents of MCC students, and we also offer open lectures for all interested parties.

Invited speakers in 2022:

  • Dr Kinga Bakk Miklósi, psychotherapist
  • Anna Bruncsák, teacher
  • Pálma Faragó, psychologist
  • Dr Enikő Ferenczi, mental health specialist, family therapist
  • Dr. Szabolcs Frigy, sociologist, school counsellor
  • Melinda Hal, clinical psychologist and economist
  • Dr Annamária Kádár, psychologist
  • Evelin Papp, dietician
  • Dr Zsuzsanna Szalay, school psychologist
  • Lídia Szőnyi, psychologist
  • Dr Emese Vitus-Bulbuk, psychologist

Discussed topics at our events:

  • How to talk to your teenager as a parent?
  • Adolescence: the second birth
  • Digital parenting. Online illusions, real problems
  • Digital habits of students
  • Help, my child is a teenager!
  • A blessing or a curse? - Anxiety behind performance
  • School bullying
  • Building self-esteem and resilience
  • What does it mean to be well and eat well as a student?
  • Solution-focused discipline and loving relationships with adolescents through positive discipline tools
  • Children's personality development, anxieties, challenges of the outside world