Vibe Koli

Mathias Corvinus Collegium participated as a co-organiser at VIBE Festival’s knowledge forum, VIBE Koli, held in Târgu Mures from 30 June to 3 July 2022. The popular Koli returned with three venues and renowned speakers after two years of absence, this time with the central theme of Role Models, Challenges and Future Vision.

With interesting presentations and useful topics, festival-goers were welcomed to the Koli Garden and the Koli Oasis, where, in addition to entertainment, participants could listen to inspiring presentations from a wide variety of speakers: artists, researchers, vloggers, influencers and representatives of the performing bands were also present in the green area of the Weekend Beach Complex. The MCC organised 23 performances in these venues. The performers inspired, opened up new perspectives, shared different points of view, different opinions and experiences, significantly raising the quality of the VIBE Festival. The discussions were moderated by current or former MCC students.