Transylvanian School of Politics

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The aim of the school’s program is to provide young people interested in becoming opinion leaders and community organizers in the future with practical knowledge.

Together with the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) and the Hungarian Youth Conference (MIÉRT), we launched the Transylvanian School of Politics in 2017. This training addresses the Transylvanian youth, and aims to enable them to effectively represent the values and interests of Hungarian communities in local public life outside Hungary. During the series of trainings, the participants may gain insight into the operations of political parties and campaigns, the techniques of community building, the methodology of polling, speech writing and video production, while their leadership skills are developed through negotiation, rhetoric and presentation exercises. Working in small teams, young adults can participate, among others, in skill development trainings and meet with renowned Hungarian and foreign experts and practicing politicians. The program is supported by the Pro Iuventute Association, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Foundation for a Civic Hungary.

The program works in small groups and places special focus on teamwork. The education is conducted both in Hungarian and English. Our training combines the following 4 elements:

  • Political management: running parties, communication systems and campaigns, polling methodology, general management, public relations and community management matters.
  • Skills training: negotiation technology, rhetoric, presentation and speech writing skills.
  • Background discussions: domestic and foreign professional, public figures tell students about their personal experiences.
  • E-learning: audio and video materials for relevant presentations, newsletters, e-learning materials. Political philosophy, political analysis, economic knowledge, and assignments (eg.: essays, presentations, analyses, videos).