Transylvania Lectures

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The Transylvania Lectures series was launched in February 2022, bringing foreign speakers to the MCC Center in Kolozsvár/Cluj every month. The aim of the event is to organize round-table discussions where prominent opinion-formers discuss current issues of international public discourse. The aim is not to provide a quick analysis of everyday events of short-term interest, but rather to address the broader, strategic issues of concern to the modern thinker.


Our previous Transylvania Lectures:

Dr. Sebastian Morello

philosopher, writer, lecturer and public speaker

Dr. Virgil Adumitroaie

a Data Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA

Todd Bensman

investigative author, former journalist

Axel Voss

Member of the European Parliament

Dr. Torbjørn Netland

Professor and Head of Chair of Production and Operations Management at ETH (Federal Institute of Technology) Zurich

Karen de Sousa Pesse

digital advisor, diversity and gender equality activist

Andrew Greenwood

professional dancer and an international ballet master

Dr. Jan Bentz

Lecturer and Tutor Blackfriars Studium, Oxford

Dr. Paul Videsott

Dean of the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen and editor-in-chief of the European Journal on Minority Issues

Prof. dr. Richard A. Werner

economist, university professor, investment and policy adviser

Zoe Strimpel

writer, broadcaster and historian of gender in modern Britain

Revd Nigel Biggar

CBE, Phd, Oxford University

dr. Patrick J. Deneen

Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame

dr. Calum T. M. Nicholson

British-Canadian anthropologist

Julius Strauss

former war correspondent

Shaun Riordan

director of the Chair for Diplomacy and Cyberspace at the European Institute of International Studies, former British diplomat

dr. Peter Boghossian

an American philosopher and pedagogist

Charles Crawford

diplomat, former UK Ambassador to Sarajevo, Belgrade and Warsaw

dr. Gladden Pappin

associate professor of politics, University of Dallas, MCC visiting senior fellow

dr. James Orr

Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

dr. Peter Kurti

director of the Culture, Prosperity & Civil Society program, adjunct associate professor in the School of Law, University of Notre Dame Australia