Transylvania Lectures


The Transylvania Lectures series was launched in February 2022, bringing foreign speakers to the MCC Center in Kolozsvár/Cluj every month. The aim of the event is to organize round-table discussions where prominent opinion-formers discuss current issues of international public discourse. The aim is not to provide a quick analysis of everyday events of short-term interest, but rather to address the broader, strategic issues of concern to the modern thinker.


Our previous Transylvania Lectures:


Speaker: Dr Patrick J. Deneen, Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame

Moderator: Dr Béla-Gergely Rácz, Assistant Professor of Economics at Babeș-Bolyai University


Speaker: Dr Calum T. M. Nicholson British-Canadian anthropologist

Moderator: Dr Szabó Árpád Töhötöm ethnographer, assistant professor at the Department of Hungarian Ethnography and Anthropology (Babeş-Bolyai University)


Speaker: Julius Strauss, former war correspondent

Moderator: Tiberiu Crișan, radio host and photographer


Speaker: Shaun Riordan, director of the Chair for Diplomacy and Cyberspace at the European Institute of International Studies, former British diplomat 

Moderator: Péter W. Szabó, IT professional, founder of and the Hungarian Society of Innovation and Technology in Transylvania


Speaker: Dr. Peter Boghossian is an American philosopher and pedagogist

Moderator: Botond Csoma lawyer, political scientist, Member of Parliament


Speaker: Charles Crawford, diplomat, former UK Ambassador to Sarajevo, Belgrade and Warsaw

Moderator: Dr. János Székely, Attorney at Law, Senior Lecturer at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania

(Watch the full presentation here)


Speaker: Dr. Gladden Pappin, associate professor of politics, University of Dallas, MCC visiting senior fellow

Moderator: Dr. Calum T. M. Nicholson, British social anthropologist

(Watch the full presentation here)


Speaker: Dr. James Orr, Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

Moderator: Dr. Visky András, playwright, dramaturg, Professor of Performance Studies (Babeş-Bolyai University, Károli Gáspár University), Artistic Director of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

(Watch the full presentation here)


Speaker: Dr. Peter Kurti, director of the Culture, Prosperity & Civil Society program, adjunct associate professor in the School of Law, University of Notre Dame Australia

Moderator: András Bethlendi, director of academic affairs of the MCC Transylvanian Office

(Watch the full presentation here)