University Program


The first stage of the Kolozsvár/Cluj University Program is the one-year junior program for first-year students in higher education, followed by a senior program for students with at least two years left to complete their bachelor's degree.

The program has a modular structure, i.e. students can pursue studies in each of the larger training forms separately. Throughout their studies, students are mentored, their individual skills and abilities are developed and along with imparting the theory we also provide them with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Prominent foreign professors, writers, corporate and government decision-makers deliver lectures to our students. We also support our students in participating in various competitions and conferences.

We would like to give Transylvania talented young people who are acquainted with the international processes and, in the meantime, have a sense of responsibility for shaping not only their own life but the future of the Hungarians, the country, their closer environment and are ready to dedicate their theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in MCC and their experience gained abroad to the community.

The program provides free interdisciplinary training, unique in our region in six major fields – law, economics, psychology, international relations, media, history and social sciences –, and students can also request free accommodation in the institution's dormitory in the centre of Kolozsvár/Cluj-Napoca.


Junior program

The first stage of MCC's Kolozsvár/Cluj University Program is the one-year junior program, which is open to students who have just finished high school and wish to continue their studies at a university in Cluj-Napoca. The trainings will bridge the knowledge gap between the social backgrounds of first-year students, preparing them for further studies and career paths. The course aims to develop effective, open and critical thinking, debating skills, as well as written and oral skills. After the one-year training, students can continue their studies in the senior program.



MCC’s formal educational trainings aim to provide students with sound theoretical and practical knowledge, a solid professional foundation of the different disciplines, individual development, and a unique approach. MCC’s individualized interdisciplinary training in small groups supplementing traditional higher education is a gap-filler in Romania and a rarity elsewhere in Europe. 

Students can currently apply to six schools:

  • School of Law
  • School of Economics
  • School of International Relations
  • School of Media
  • Mindset School of Psychology
  • School of Social Sciences and History