Teachers' conference

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The MCC attaches great importance to working with teachers. Our free teachers' conferences provide an excellent opportunity to exchange methodological experiences, showcase innovative talent management methods and promote their use in school settings. The meetings also serve as a community forum, facilitating networking between teachers.

Our events are advertised on the MCC's website and Facebook page, where any interested educators are free to register. All participating teachers receive a certificate for attending our training sessions, organised in partnership with county school inspectorates.

Guest speakers:

  • Sándor Bányai, Senior Trainer, Adventures and Dreams Professional Workshop
  • Milán Constantinovits, Deputy Director-General for Professional Affairs MCC
  • Edina Fugel, Director of Professional Affairs MCC Transylvania
  • Mónika Éva Mittag, Head of Branch, MCC Békéscsaba Centre
  • János Setényi, Director of MCC Learning Institute
  • Balázs Jagodics, psychologist, University of Szeged
  • Zsófia Zsidi, psychologist, head teacher of the MCC High School Program

Lectures and workshops:

  • Partnership in Talent Management - How Public Education and MCC Can Work Together
  • Learning in the 21st Century - New Learning Opportunities and Spaces
  • Experiential Education: Adventures and Dreams Within the School Walls (interactive workshop)
  • What can Teachers do when the Crises of the Outside World Seep Into the Classroom?
  • Burnout in the school and the workplace
  • Teacher Communication, Teacher Roles - the Challenges of a Post-Covid World