MCC sees itself first and foremost as a cohesive community and then as an institution. Education is not in masses but in small groups with individual development being in the focus which helps in forging a community of the students. Additionally, the community is being built and organized outside school hours, too. MCC’s peculiarity is that students are not only members of the community but they are active builders and shapers of it as well. The majority of the programs are shaped by the students themselves, while the rest are centrally offered by MCC to them taking into account their requests. Camps where MCC students of various ranges of interests – lawyers, engineers, economists and psychologists – hold lectures to each other offering their fellows insight into the interesting world of their own disciplines also contribute to mutual understanding.

Our goal is to have our students perceive being MCC students a valuable experience from all aspects and to have the sense of togetherness maintained in human and professional relationships not only inside the walls of MCC but outside of it too on the long run. We would like those who have become members to our community to remain as such and be proud of what they took from MCC.