Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) invites you to a public panel discussion with  Shaun Riordan, dr.  Eric Hendriks and dr. Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi about geopolitics, the role of China in global affairs and the superpower’s future.

Following the death of Chairman Mao, China has seen an unparalleled economic rise, coupled with an increased presence in geopolitics and a growing military. By now, China has arguably become the second most important economy in the world, with an economic presence in Asia, Africa, Europe, and increasingly the Western Hemisphere. However, a looming demographic decline, a potential conflict with Taiwan, and an ongoing trade war with the United States might curtail China’s global ambitions. The expert members of this Panel will aim to dissect these pressing issues of global importance.

Shaun Riordan is the Director of the Chair for Diplomacy and Cyberspace at the European Institute of International Studies and a senior Research Fellow at the Charter Institute (Beijing). He has taught at diplomatic academies in Spain, Armenia, Bulgaria and the Dominican Republic and at business schools in Switzerland and Spain. He served for 16 years as a British diplomat with postings in New York, Taiwan, Beijing and Madrid, as well the Foreign Office in London.

Dr. Eric Hendriks, a Dutch sociologist, researches China’s integration into the global order, keenly interested in the ideological tensions involved. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Mannheim, and worked at the University of Bonn and Peking University. He lived in Beijing for six years, researching the educational linkages between China and the United States. He is currently a fellow at the Danube Institute.

Dr. Szilárd Gáspár-Szilágyi is an Assistant Professor in EU and International Economic Law at Birmingham University, UK. In various capacities he has taught and conducted research at the Universities of Oslo, Keele, Amsterdam, the Hague, and Aarhus.

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